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Consulting Testimonials

Linda has been a tremendous influence in my professional development. She has been and continues to be, a personable coach that has driven me to excel and realize my career potential. Linda provided me candid feedback and guidance that has helped me in finding a career in an industry that I have always been passionate about - Commercial Real Estate! A great coach, mentor, and friend!

Arthur Diekman, MBA

Commercial Real Estate of Keller Williams Realty St. Petersburg

In July of 2003 I made the decision to leave my firm and begin my own insurance agency. I have a specialty agency selling one product, professional liability insurance, to one class of clients, Florida lawyers. Linda helped me with every aspect of my new business: marketing, organization, and future planning. Because of her work, my business has been a success from day one. She had been a supportive friend and fan of my business. I am delighted to have her assistance and look forward to many more years of working together.

Sam Cohen


Attorneys First Insurance

Linda Goldfarb coaching service over the years has helped advance my productivity ahead of my competition. She is very personable, yet professional and together we worked on setting goal. Her planning has helped me produce better while at work, so I don’t feel guilty when I am not working. She provides experience and knowledge to help me propel in the ever change real estate market. Her source of professional contacts and networking is one of the best around. I would recommend Linda's services to anyone that wants to do better at their profession. She has the tools and the experience to get them to that next level. Additionally, she will answer questions or will help in a timely manor.

Jeff Janofski

RE/MAX Metro

I would like to say that Linda Goldfarb, LSG Consulting has helped me take my business to a new level.

I contacted Linda in March 2006 to help me get organized because I have been in the business for over 12 years and know what to do as a producer. I also know what to do as an employer but being a District Manager of MSA Mentoring I had to learn how to be a leader not a boss. Big difference when the other agents are not employees so you can’t force them to do the work. I also had to be the top producer so I was going out of my comfort zone and needed some guidance.

I met with Linda weekly for a few months and she had me do homework on my business. She said to write down all the networking groups I was going to and list the ones that were effective. I was spending a lot of time with the same people and not getting the business so I had to decide where to focus. I had to learn to be a leader vs. a boss. She gave me direction and how to work smarter and focus on what I needed to do instead of scrambling trying to do everything at one time. At Corporate they said "Do faster" but Linda pointed out for me that wasn’t the right way because if I did it faster I would have to do over and to hire people to do things that were making me disorganized. She noted I was worth more than doing paperwork and filing.

Linda is a great coach and I would recommend her for anyone that wants to take control and get their business to the next level.

Linda Bullerman

District Manager Clearwater

MSA Mentoring in Strategies and Alternatives