LSG Consulting Serivces, LLC

Coaching Sessions

LSG Consulting Services provides individual coaching tailored to your needs. You benefit from receiving clarity, direction, positive reinforcement and objective assessment from a committed coach who will support you by telephone, e-mail, and meet with you in person.

After an initial coaching interview session of about one-and-a-half hours LSG Consulting Services will determine the scope and direction of your subsequent coaching sessions. A plan will be created for you with specific steps and action items that will move you and your business forward. The plan will be carefully explained to you in detail and regular milestones and check-in sessions will be set-up to help you stay on course to your next level of success. With LSG Consulting Services you will have the guidance, tools, and support to create the right mind-set and achieve measurable results.

With regular coaching from LSG Consulting Services you can expect:

LSG Consulting Services follows a structured and proven coaching methodology to help you and your business achieve its goals. Your individually tailored coaching program will encompass three foundational areas:

Business Standards

An important part of any business is its standards. Standards define your business' core values, ethical practices, culture, and commitments. In the professional world it is imperative that you follow these standards in your daily business life and convey them to your employees, prospects and customers. LSG Consulting Services will show you how to identify and follow industry accepted business practices and help you define, implement and review your own business standards.

Establishing Goals

Goals give you a benchmark to achieve and measure success. Your coach will work with you to establish practical and achievable goals that help you and your business grow without burning out in the process.

Effective Networking

Every business serves its customers, but these customers don't magically appear out of thin air. Coaching through LSG Consulting Services will show you how to establish a network of contacts and follow through for optimal results. You will learn how to reach out to a specific groups of customers, rank prospects, increase your visibility, and develop brand name recognition for your business.

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