LSG Consulting Serivces, LLC

Coaching and Consulting Services

LSG Consulting Servicess provides coaching, consulting, and training services for small businesses, individual entrepreneurs, sales teams, corporate employees, and real estate professionals. Linda S. Goldfarb draws on over 25 years of experience in business planning, operations, training, organization, marketing, and product sales to help clients achieve measurable success.

Business Development

Whether you already own a business or are just getting started, having a trusted advisor on your side is invaluable to realizing your business' full potential. LSG Consulting Services will perform in-depth interviews and provide an objective and constructive assessment of your business and work with you to solve problems and capitalize on new business opportunities. Through expertly designed business plans and marketing insight LSG Consulting Services will work with you identify target markets and implement an effective marketing and networking strategy that will help your business reach new customers and enhance your business reputation in the marketplace.

Business Coaching

Our coaching gives you the tools needed to attain and balance professional and personal goals. From changing careers, to hiring your first employee, to preparing a critical presentation, your coach will work with you to create goals and identify your core needs. LSG Consulting Services uses tried and true programs along with a proprietary selection of worksheets and guides that are tailored to your individual needs. Through coaching, you are accountable to someone other than yourself, and you will learn how to overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from growing your business.

Training and Speaking

Through monthly workshops, seminars, sales force training, team building programs, and professional development sessions, Linda lead attendees to set and achieve goals, conduct important mid-year course corrections, and most importantly – approach their business with enthusiasm, passion, and courage.

LSG Consulting Services has authored over 15 annual workshops, training sessions, and seminars for large corporate groups and organizations. In addition, she has conducted hundreds of training sessions and presentations for individual clients, small businesses, real estate teams, sales teams, title companies, and business organizations. Speaking and training engagements have included:

LSG Consulting Services can create customized Training and Speaking topics that are relevant to your business, resonate with your audience, and lead to personal and business growth.

What To Expect

LSG Consulting Services will develop a personalized consulting plan designed to meet the specific needs of you and your business. We will help the client establish reasonable goals and provide worksheets and assignments assist in the coaching process. Your coach will be committed to your success and will be accessible, offering flexible hours and open communication through telephone, e-mail and in persion.

LSG Consulting Services offers several options for individuals and businesses, including:

Every client is unique and services provided by LSG Consulting Services are tailored to the client’s specific needs. You will be treated with respect and all client services are strictly confidential.

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